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Healthguard UVC
by Hospital Safety Solutions

Enhanced disinfection strategies have become a focal point in health care as recent studies have shown that manual cleaning is not enough to stop the spread of pathogens in hospital settings.

Not only do hospital-acquired infections affect the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients each year, but they also cost health care facilities precious dollars.

Hospital Safety Solutions believes that the biggest need of Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities and Surgery Centers is to lower Healthcare acquired infections (HAI's).
As a medical distributor, we have partnered with a few companies that can achieve that goal, system wide, by lowering HAI’s from surfaces, the air, high touch or difficult to disinfect items, and hand washed medical instruments that need further processing.

One such company that we partnered with is HGUVC to distribute the UV Flash™ technology which they have developed. 

In a recent multi-center study published in AAMI HORIZONS SPRING 2016 ISSUE, the UV Flash™ decimated CFU’s on hand washed sensitive medical equipment from 36.6 CFU’s to ).3 CFU’s in just a 1 minute cycle.

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